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. it is just hours before president obama delivers his state of the union address, and we're beginning with breaking news from the white house today. a white house insider says that the president will announce that 34,000 troops will be home from afghanistan one year from today. that's roughly half of the u.s. forces in that country. the president is expected to outline his plan during tonight's state of the union address, but troop drawdown marks itself next -- the next phase of the president's plan. he wants to end the u.s.-led war in afghanistan by 2014. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. university of maryland students woke up to troubling news today. to of their fellow students are dead and a third student has been injured. plus are calling this a murder- suicide. it happened at their off campus housing in the 8700 block of 36th avenue after metzerott
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road in college park, maryland. delia goncalves has been covering this story all morning. she's live at the scene with the latest information. delia? >> reporter: jc, police are not yet identifying these three victims, but we can tell you that the third student, he's in the hospital right now expected to be okay. this is what we know happened. it was -- started insides the house with some kind of confrontation. it spilled out to the front yard here and then it ended in gunfire. >> it's very scary. it's very, very unsafe, very scary. >> reporter: maurice drove from germantown after hearing the devastating news. >> it shocked me. it's supposed to be a quiet neighborhood for students for studying. >> reporter: thankfully her son, a college student who rent as room in the house next door is safe but his neighbors involved in a murder-suicide that police say started around 1:00 a.m. when the gun march set a fire -- gunman set a fire in the basement. the three young men fledz the
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house. the gunman started shooting. he killed one roommate and shot the other in the back side and then went to the back yard and took his own life. >> the weapon has been recovered at the scene. at this point detectives are interviewing witnesses. >> reporter: at daybreak we saw a shattered car window and a neighbor taping up a broken kitchen window hit by the gunman's bullets. >> we didn't larry any yelling. -- hear any yelling. we just heard what sounded like firecrackers. >> i was really scared because it's only a few blocks down. >> we all wanted to know exactly what happened, especially that there were guns involved. it's always scary, a scary situation. >> reporter: these students stopped by distraught looking for answers. this young lady said she spoke to her friend who lived here just moments before the shooting. she hasn't spoken to him since. >> you're not safe nowhere. things happen anywhere, any time. it's scary. >> reporter: but it did happen here. a lot of students are shaken up. this is a dead end street here
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on 36th avenue off metzerott road in college park. a number of college students rent rooms and houses all around this area. they indeed are shaken up. we received a statement by the university of maryland president in part expressing his sympathies to the friends and families of the victims. we can tell you that the school is also offering counseling for anyone who needs it. we have a crew hoor in the neighborhood. another crew on campus. we'll have much more on this developing story tonight at 5:00. jc, back to you. >> thank you very much. of course we're going to have the latest information on the investigation coming up on wusa 9news beginning at 5:00 p.m. if you are away from your television, you can log on to and our app for iphones and androids in order to get the latest information. we could learn more later this week about plans to try a virginia man who has been
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accused of a mass shooting. a hearing for christopher spate has been scheduled for friday. he's been charged with killing eight people at his appomattox home three years ago, including his sister, brother-in-law, and their two children. his trial was originally scheduled for last june but postponed indefinitely so that attorneys could get more evaluations of speight's mental health. we're looking at live pictures from alexandria, virginia, where a construction crane collapsed at a church on fort hunt road. we have been told that medics have rushed one person to a nearby hospital with some minor injuries. no other injuries have been reported. thorpts believe -- authorities believe that the st. luke's episcopal church suffered minor damage. president obama is calling north korea's latest test of a nuclear bomb a highly
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provocative act. right now the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting after an underground test caused the jolt that was equivalent to a 4.9 magnitude earthquake. >> reporter: diplomats arrived at the united nations for a closed door emergency meeting. they're discussing how to respond to north korea's announcement that it has tested another nuclear bomb. it happened at an underground facility last night. the type of device has not been confirmed. u.s. officials say there are indications that north korea is planning to test another bomb knowing that a punishment from the u.n. is coming. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice is condemning the test. >> the actions of north korea are a threat to regional peace and security, international peace and security and they are not acceptable. they will not be tolerated and they will be met with north korea's increasing isolation. >> reporter: in december north korea successfully launched a long-range ballistic missile
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believed to be capable of reaching the united states. members of the united nations security council are hoping china will be willing to take action against its ally for violating the ban against nuclear activity. south koreans staged angry protests calling on international powers to destroy north korea's nuclear facility. japan's prime minister asked u.s. ambassador john ruse to help with sanctions against north korea. north korea has warned the u.s. not to interfere. cbs news, the united nations. >> president obama will talk about north korea tonight in his state of the union address. yesterday's announcement of pope benedict xvi's resignation came as a shock to most of the world. a vatican spokesperson says that the pope will have no role in the selection of his successor. the pope says he plans to step down at the end of the month
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for health concerns. the vatican is already beginning the process of trying to find the next pontiff, but there is no clearcut choice. even the college of cardinals was caught offguard by this announcement. professor kurt martens of catholic university spoke about this new search compared to the process which happened after pope john paul ii died. >> when john paul ii was ill, basically they knew what was coming. so they had time to prepare to look at the challenges and look at candidates, possible candidates. that is now not the case. >> the catholic church says that we can expect a new pope by easter sunday. still to come when 9news continues, there's a party going on. it's the feast before the fast. see how they're celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. >> and find out why some are crying foul over red light
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cameras in
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it is not always fun and games on the field. now there is a new push to prevent injuries in student athletes. with me today is dr. angela jones, an orthopedic specialist at med star maryland hospital. if i had a young boy, i'd be a little bit -- you know, one of those nervous mothers about letting him play certain sports. but what can we do to protect our children who want to play football and basketball and soccer? what can we do? >> i put together five easy tips that i hope can help parents prevent injuries in their athletes. the first is sleep. children on average get about an hour less each night of sleep than they actually need.
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so your elementary school child from 7 to 12 should be having 10 to 11 hours every night. >> that's a lot. >> it is. your high schooler from 12 to 18 should be having about 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. most kids aren't getting that. the mind and the body need enough sleep to recharge. so kids can play their sports, enjoy it and be safe. >> you also say nutrition is important of course. >> that's true. a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, calcium and vitamin d is very important. even up to five glasses of milk which we show here. >> goodness. and stretching and protective gear, that's important. >> stretching is very important and certain sports teams do programs to try and reduce injuries. that can help a lot. we have protective equipment here with us today. there's a helmet that i can show you. >> we're running out of time.
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but it's padded on the inside. >> yes. >> that helps. >> it does. it has concussion reduction technology. and it's a great option for all ages of athletes. >> i'm going to put the rest of your information on my website i hope that parents will go there and get the rest of your information on how we can protect our athletic students, important information. thank you for coming in. howard is next
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facebook. -- from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, wusa9. beware of the red light traffic cameras, especially if you're traveling through rockville because the city installed new state of the article as last year, and -- of the art cameras last year and they've seen an increase in violations. aaa says over 17,000 drivers were ticketed in the city last year. some drivers received tickets even though they were completely stopped but they crossed just beyond the solid white line. now some are saying that's not right. >> if they had gotten through on yellow or if the light had turned red while they were in the intersection, they would not have gotten a ticket. but they did the honest thing, they stopped trying to avoid a ticket and still ended up with a ticket and motorists are outraged about this. >> the number of tickets last year, more than doubled those
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issued the year before. today marks fat tuesday where the party in new orleans is reaching a fever pitch just before lent. so here's a live look at bourbon street. yup. they are having a good time down there for the traditional celebration. vinita nair is in the crowd. >> reporter: the first mardi gras parade started first thing in the morning. thousands came out to see the zulu parade. about 50 colorful and elaborate floats traveled down st. charles avenue. the mayor of new orleans showed up on horseback. a few rain showers didn't stop people from all walks of life from coming out, including the archbishop. >> even if it rains on mardi gras day in new orleans, we still celebrate. it's still a great day for mardi gras. >> reporter: there are plenty of stories about the origins of dressing newspaper costume for mardi gras but the -- dressing up in costume for mardi gras.
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>> if you're not in costume, you're the weird one. >> i always wanted to get married. i said why wait for the groom. i'm just wear the dress. >> reporter: celebrations come to an end at midnight when the holy season of lent begins. >> i used to work in new orleans '89 to '94. if you're with me on facebook, my profile picture today, you might laugh. it's from 1993. go amuse yourself. a beautiful day nonetheless, sunshine, temps in the mid-50s this afternoon. still a little bit breezy for the next few hours. then the winds are going to relax. tonight we'll drop off into the low 40s by 9:00. overnight low to mid-30s under partly cloudy skies. still have gusts with the winds almost 30 miles per hour in petersburg. 24 in gaithersburg. 26 in baltimore. but again the winds are going to relax. temperatures, boy, we had such a warm starting point. lows only to the mid-40s in many areas. they did fall to the 30s at culpeper and manassas but with the dry air and the sun,
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culpeper 59 right now. it's 50 in winchester. even the cool spots are enjoying a nice february day with westminster at 47. hagerstown at 46. as we look outside on our weather camera, sunshine, 54 degrees with a west, north west wind at 15. it really is a very nice day. one of the reasons we're so warm is the air is so dry. it takes less energy to heat up a dry air than it does moist air. that's why we're warm today. mid, even upper 50s as you're seeing. beautiful tuesday but enjoy it because rain is going to develop tomorrow afternoon. then that rain is going to turn to some snow by tomorrow night. early in the evening let's say. my first call right now, a trace to 2 inches across the metro region with less south, more north. there will be some areas north and west of d.c. could get three inches or so. i-70, west of 81, those areas where you'll see colder temperatures, you have a better chance for the snow to stick and a longer period to see some
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snow. our snowstorm we're talking -- i hate to use the word storm when we have a little bit of snow expected -- it's out here near the texas panhandle. they could get more than six inches of snow north of interstate 40 there. this will be moving toward us. you can see all the moisture out in advance of it all the way up the carolina coast, the south carolina coast. we have a nice hold on the clouds. we're enjoying just a great day here in the region. our futurecast, we'll put it into motion. still nice through 6:00. overnight some passing clouds but not a bad night. low to mid-30s. here comes the clouds tomorrow. by lunch time some showers southern maryland. watch how the snow overspreads the shenandoah valley here by late in the afternoon, some parts of northern maryland. then by 6:00, 7:00, here comes the snow in the metro. it will be with us 10:00 some snow. southern maryland, you're barely seeing any flakes out of this. as we get toward midnight, this pulls away. again a trace to possibly two inches. some areas north and west maybe 3. that's my first call. 55. i'll have an update tomorrow. of course topper will have an
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update coming up at 5:00. 55 this afternoon. some areas even warmer than that low to mid-30s tonight as the winds go light. yellow alert tomorrow with the rain in the afternoon. it's going to slow down the evening commute. swroars some -- of course some snow tomorrow, 44 but dropping. the road surfaces will be warm so i expect a lot of melting, especially on the roads initially. thursday and friday look nice. colder over the weekend with a chance of snow possibly late saturday. still chilly on president's day, highs in the 30s. we'll go to the kitchen and tell you about some valentine's day treats for you when we return.
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there is a secret ingredient guaranteed to spice up your valentine's day.
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kerry is here from i love oil and vinegar. she'll show us how to prepare something special. >> these are ideas to marry olive oil and chocolate. who would guess. we have brownies made with bacon olive oil, a creamy chocolate moose that's made with olive oil and rose water. bacon olive oil, men love these. a way to their heart. >> i love it. the moose is what? >> the moose no -- mouse no cream. it has olive oil instead. rose water and rose buds. for a main course, a nice bold sweet and spicy main course. we're doing a marinade for these gorgeous steaks. >> just one second. >> the brownies are made with olive oil so no butter at all. and a little bit of smoked
12:27 pm
paprika is my little secret to really put a punch up that smoky flavor of the bacon. >> delicious. >> so our marinade, we have some simple shallot and garlic. this is the secret ingredient, a dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. see how thick and beautiful that s. then you poir some -- that is. then you pour some spicy roasted chili olive oil. you just whisk this up. you pour it on your steaks, let it marinade for about four hours and it is spectacular. >> where can i get your products? >> we are in the village of shirlington and mosaic district in fairfax. all of these recipes are on our facebook page and i'm going to share them with you. >> look at that. oh, my goodness. i know your husband is saying bring those steaks back. don't leave them with jc. bring them home. these are so good. >> just pour the marinade right
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over the steaks. leave that for about four hours. and they will soak up the flavors, tender and beautiful. >> have a happy valentine's day to you and your husband. >> and you as well. thank you for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00.
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